As Tommy Chapa shares Zija products, he spreads results. “It’s impossible to fail with Zija because of these products,” he says.


Cowboy ropes in success with Zija

A decade ago Tommy Chapa’s life looked much different than it does today. He owned a construction business and frequently worked over 90 hours a week leaving little time to do the things he truly wanted to do.

Then network marketing entered the scene and turned Tommy’s life around. Now he has the time to go to the beach with his family, pursue his passion for rodeo and travel to the ski slopes in the winter. Before coming to Zija, a friend in the network marketing industry advised Tommy to investigate Zija. From the research the friend had done, he believed Zija was poised to become a billion-dollar brand. When Tommy looked into the company, he proved his friend’s research to be true.

“When I looked I fell in love with the products,” Tommy said. “I fell in love with the leadership of the company. I fell in love with it all to tell you the truth.”

With the products Tommy lost close to 40 pounds. He felt better overall and welcomed more energy than he’s ever had.

“I became really passionate about the product after I saw what it did for me,” Tommy says. “I knew so many people who could benefi t from this product so I started sharing it.”

As Tommy spread the word of Zija, he also spread the benefits.

“My two next door neighbors are down 100 pounds,” Tommy says. “My best friend who said this would never work is down 138 pounds.”

For over three years, Tommy has shared the news of Zija.

“In my previous business, you had to be a ninja to sell,” Tommy says. “At Zija anyone can do it. They have a very duplicable system that anyone can follow and succeed.”