Black Diamond

A cancer scare motivated Steven Kang to find a healthier side of life.


The answer is in the details — and the research

In 2009, Steven Kang received the worst news of his life — he had cancer. His world was turned upside down with countless visits to the doctor’s office. Luckily for Steven, after dozens of treatments and check-ups, he was declared cancer-free. But he was just beginning his journey to find the perfect nutritional supplements to make sure he stayed healthy.

“Battling cancer completely changed my point of view,” Steven says. “My primary concern became more about staying healthy and alive.”

A few years later, a friend from Korea sent him a box of Zija Premium Tea. It was just the answer Steven was looking for. With no previous network marketing experience, he leapt on board and worked with a partner to build the Zija following in Korea.

Now, he shares his story with everyone he meets, hoping to help them see the importance of living a healthy lifestyle before it’s too late.

“Not everyone should have to get cancer to see that health is more important than wealth,” Steven says. “Sometimes we are blind to the importance of keeping up our health, so we don’t research the options. We automatically think any quality products will be too expensive, but that’s not true. Zija is the answer.”

Steven now has more energy throughout the day, and more enthusiasm for the work that affords him the freedom to share the message of health he lives and breathes every moment. He and his family wake up each morning and mix a Zija drink to kick-start their day — and although he says it tastes great, the product isn’t the point.

“Living a longer, healthier life is the point of it all,” Steven says. “I am happy with what I’m doing because it hasn’t just changed my life — it is changing other people’s lives in unimaginable ways.”