After seeing the benefits in his own life, Chris Moore could not help but share the good news of Zija.


Disabled veteran finds strength through Zija

For as long as he can remember, Chris Moore has always enjoyed being athletic.

But after supporting two wars in Iraq and getting into a head-on collision with a drunk driver, he became a disabled veteran. His range of motion was limited. Migraines plagued his days. He never slept through the night.

When Zija entered his life, all of that changed.

“I wasn’t functioning at my full potential until I started using Zija products,” Chris says.

Chris loved the products first — the business aspect second. He took the products for two and a half years before marketing it to anyone.

People frequently approached Chris for ideas for workout routines or meal plans. He knew Zija could influence the lives of these individuals as well.

“You can keep a secret but you can’t hide a blessing,” Chris says.

The effectiveness of the Zija products calmed Chris’ fears with network marketing. Since the product worked, Chris knew business would come. In fact, he says that because of the results most people sell Zija on accident before they do it on purpose.

Now Chris helps spread the word of the Natural Health Revolution and watches lives change — just like his did. More than anything, Chris loves that he now has time to spend with his wife and five children, a luxury he did not get to enjoy while he was overseas.

“My kids were being raised as screensavers on my computer instead of me being there with them,” Chris says.

Zija changed that.

“For hours a day I’m with my babies and that means the most to me.”