Zija appealed to Sandi Watkins because when she shares the products she helps people change their lives.


Feel better. Look better. Earn better.

Every time Sandi Watkins boards a plane she cannot help but feel a sense of excitement because as she carries her luggage on board, she also carries the potential to change the life of the passenger sitting next to her.

“We are here to serve people and we have the best products on the planet,” Sandi says. “People are put on this planet for each other and not for themselves. It’s so nice to have Zija because Zija gives people hope. If they want to feel better, look better or earn better, Zija is perfect for them.” Sandi joined Zija nearly three years ago. According to her, one reason why Zija products are so powerful is because of their effectiveness. A product that produces the results like Zija products cannot help but be shared and loved.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant or nursing, if you’re male or female, old or young,” Sandi says. “Anyone can use it.” Sandi always had the desire to work for herself. She entered the network marketing profession at 19 and continues to support her family fi nancially through her efforts and dedication.

“Network marketing continued to serve me as I had children,” Sandi says. “I have seven children and because of my residual income I have not had to search for a job where you clock in and clock out. I have been able to home-school my children for two decades.”

When it comes to sharing Zija with others, Sandi knows if she listens intentionally she will be able to match Zija with anyone’s needs.

“I’m creating multiple prospects throughout the day,” she says. “I’m listening to people and they are asking for Zija. They just don’t know it until I offer Zija to them as a solution.”