After the 2008 housing market collapse, Michelle Blizzard turned her finances and her health around with Zija.


Real estate agent and mother bounced back from tough 2008

In 2008, Michelle Blizzard had a tough year. Like many other real estate professionals, the collapse of the housing market led to a collapse of her personal income and she had no Plan B. With the stress of lost income, the Somerset, Ohio native also saw her family’s usually healthy lifestyle deteriorate.

One passion that brought her joy was refereeing basketball. But, when she got the call to referee the state tournament, her unhealthy lifestyle — and associated extra pounds — dampened her enthusiasm. “My sister knew I wanted to lose some weight and get in shape for the state tournament, so she suggested I try Zija,” Michelle says.

First, she noticed she felt better overall. Then, she hit her goal weight for the state tournament, with a lot of help from Zija’s products.

“While I already had three jobs and wasn’t looking for a new business, I decided to share the product with a few people,” she says. “However, as I became more involved, it became a passion to share it.”

Now, her positive outlook and energy is notable by those who work with her. “Excitement is contagious,” she says. “When I work with energetic people, it’s easy for us to help each other.”

And she has used her passion for better health to open a weight-loss center that takes a holistic, organic approach to losing weight. Of course, the system uses the health benefi ts of Zija products, allowing her to share the benefi ts with an even larger group of people.

“I really do love what I do on a daily basis,” she says. “I love helping people get in control of their lives.”

And she knows how to do it from firsthand experience.