Lynn Tuscano seized the reins of her present happiness and future success through network marketing.


Optimist blazes her own trail to success

Lynn Tuscano of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has never been one to wait for others to bring her success. Five years ago, while she was working her “day job” as an administrative assistant for a video game development company, she was also blazing her own trail as the owner of a hip-hop choreography business, a part-time club disc jockey and was working on her earning a real estate license.

During this busy time in 2011, Lynn was walking down the street when she was struck by a truck. Her injuries were severe and she was in a wheelchair for six months. She had heavy rehabilitation and was unable to work.

That’s when a friend introduced her to network marketing.

“I still had to find a way to make money, so the timing was great,” she says. “Plus, I trusted my friend and am not averse to risk, so I jumped right in.”

Then, six months after her accident and a week before she was scheduled to return to her job, the video game company closed its doors.

“No warning. Nothing,” she says. “That’s when I got emotional and passionate about my network marketing business.” In February 2013, Lynn took her positive attitude, understanding of network marketing and desire to improve her health following her accident to Zija. She started from scratch but built her business with the support of Zija.

“When you are looking for long-term success, you want to be in the best vehicle you can be in,” Lynn says. “Zija has the infrastructure to help you succeed. The company is solid and strong. And people around the world need the products. When you have that in place — and the right compensation plan — you have a recipe for success.”