Black Diamond

John Morris went part-time with Zija until it paved the way to launch a full-time gig and enjoy more quality family time.


Former assistant principal makes up his own rules with Zija success

When John Morris was introduced to Zija, he was hesitant to dive in. He started in the network marketing industry in the early 1990s, but found himself out of luck when the company he worked for was later bought out. He switched gears to work as an assistant principal and baseball coach until Zija dropped into his life — and he knew it was time to reconsider network marketing.

“Everything about Zija sounded great, but I had a lot of questions and wanted to make sure I could get all the information I needed to feel secure about my future,” John says. “I met with the top earners in the company and watched my friend start to make more and more money over the year. That’s when I knew it was a sustainable business I could get behind.”

John was attracted to Zija’s steady growth and quality products, but he still wanted to make sure he could provide for his family. He worked with Zija part-time until he saw consistent income and decided to go all in with a full-time business.

“It all came together for me,” John says. “After hearing about the products, I knew that whether or not I start selling them, I should be taking these nutritional supplements for my own health. My doctor tells me that my health is better than it ever has been and to keep doing what I’m doing, so that’s exactly my plan.”

As an assistant principal he would have summers off to spend with family. Although that hasn’t changed, the quality of their time together has kicked up a few notches.

“Now that we don’t have to worry about bills and debt, we’ve taken nicer family vacations,” John says. “Alaska cruises, Disney World, Virginia Beach, — it’s a breath of relief to no longer be living paycheck to paycheck.”