Zija met Jessica Ellerman’s high standards in her pursuit for a network marketing company with strong values.


Fitness competitor finds credibility and quality in Zija

When the economy crashed in 2008, Jessica Ellerman knew she had to take control of her financial future. So she unplugged the blow dryer and left her career as a hairdresser and plugged into network marketing.

For seven years, Jessica pursued network marketing as a full-timer career. She quickly became a top earner in another company. When the company started to compromise the integrity of products and practices, Jessica resigned and began the search for a company that met her business expectations and her values. Then Jessica found Zija.

“Their retention rate was so much higher meaning their products were working,” Jessica says.

Jessica learned through her network marketing experience that the people in the company determine its success. She could not deny Zija’s credibility.

“As I found myself looking through the industry, I met a lot of CEOs,” Jessica says. “I saw a lot of companies and there was nobody that had the track record they did.”

As she continued to investigate Zija, she found more to love.

“Everything was in place,” Jessica says. “They were one of the only companies I saw that had shipping under their own roof, manufacturing under their own roof and they owned everything they did. They were in control of their future.”

In addition to the business aspect, the products help Jessica stay in control of her body for her fi tness and bikini competitions. Just as Zija fuels her hobbies, it can fuel others.

“Our culture doesn’t lack calories; it lacks nutrition,” Jessica says. “There is not a person on the face of the planet that doesn’t need to be using Zija on a daily basis.”