Feet First Foot Balm Provides Whole Body Healing

With years of background in aromatherapy and medicine, Dr. Daniel Pénoël knows the importance of caring for one’s feet.

“Taking care of the energy flow of the entire body must start with the part that supports our weight all day long,” Dr. Pénoël says.

For centuries, researchers have found the benefits of using pressure points in the feet for natural healing, also referred to as reflexology. As part of the Reflexology Research Project, Barbara and Kevin Kunz reviewed over 168 research studies and found that the proven benefits of reflexology include less pain, the improvement of symptoms that lead to health concerns, better blood flow and relaxation which in turn lowers blood pressure and anxiety.

Knowing the importance of taking care of the feet, Dr. Pénoël formulated a special product called Feet First Foot Balm. When paired with massage, the Feet First Foot Balm helps unblock pressure points in the feet leading to ultimate relaxation.

Dr. Pénoël’s foot balm uses ingredients formulated to release energy through the feet. Each ingredient in the foot balm is an active ingredient, meaning there are no fillers and that every ingredient produces positive results.

The first step to produce these results is through the thickness of the foot balm. A good amount of pressure needs to be exerted to free the blocked points. The thickness is created through Moringa, shea butter, copaiba and gaiac wood.

As the father of modern aromatherapy, Dr. Pénoël complements these ingredients with several Améo Essential Oils: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Spruce, Lemongrass and Geranium.

“Users of the Feet First Foot Balm are getting the possible synergy between the massage technique and the penetration of the active ingredients into the organism through the reflex points of the feet,” Dr. Pénoël says.


Dr. Daniel Pénoël created a simple and powerful massage technique that focuses on four zones of the body.

The head and the brain area — The most important area to massage, starting with the big toe. There are three important areas to focus on:

1. The hypothalmus–pituitary axis — Located right on the middle axis under the big toe. With the knuckle of the thumb, perform a downward movement with sufficient pressure 10-15 times on the left and on the right big toe.

2. The ‘thinking conscious brain area’ — Operate a translation movement right-left and left-right with the knuckle of your thumb, following the soft part near the nail of the big toe. Do it ten times on each big toe.

3. The unconscious part — Located at the base of the big toe on the area that is facing the second toe. Perform a circular clockwise or downward movement on this area.

The chest area — Located at the area under the toes. Exert a pressure by using the knuckle of the forefinger and do a translation movement left-right and right-left. Perform 10-15 movements on each foot.

The abdominal area — Located on the soft part of the foot. Exert a pressure with the knuckle of your forefinger and, starting with the right foot, perform a clockwise movement, ten circles, repeat ten other circles on the left foot.

By making an angle between the knuckles of the forefinger and the middle finger, exert a pressure and make a downward movement on the arch of the foot. Perform ten movements per foot.

The sexual area — Use the knuckles of each thumb and exert a deep pressure, going forward and backward, precisely under each malleol. Exert pressure on the external and internal side at the same time. Perform ten times on the left foot and ten times on the right foot. `