Even though his Zija success has taken him out of the classroom, Dee Hutchins, Jr., still educates those around him.


Former teacher offers education outside of the classroom

At his heart, Dee Hutchins, Jr., is a teacher. He spent 20 years teaching high school history and coaching basketball. He has always enjoyed sharing insights with people that give them a new perspective on their own lives.

He has seen, time and time again, what can happen when you have a studious demeanor and an open mind. Ironically, when it came to the business opportunity at Zija, initially his closed mind caused him problems. While he saw the benefi ts of the products early, he wasn’t interested in the business side.

“Here I was — someone who is educated, loved reading and interested in the world around him — and I was walking around with blinders on when it comes to network marketing,” he says. “Eventually, I saw that my limited vision was costing me a great opportunity. A closed mind is one of the most expensive things you can own.”

Dee was initially introduced to Moringa and Zija by a former player and student. The student didn’t bring up the business — just the health benefi ts of the products. Then, Dee put his academic mind to work. After research, he began using Zija.

“My former student shared the opportunity with me in a way he knew I could accept,” Dee says. “If he would have led with all of the talk of the business, I would have shut down at that point.”

However, as a teacher, Dee was passionate about sharing the health benefi ts of the products. Eventually, that led to his business growth.

“The business part is always there,” he says. “When I fi nally decided to share the product and business, Zija just said they needed my name and Social Security number so they could start to pay me. It was that easy.”