“In my earlier years I had a pro hockey career, I played junior and pro for nine years. After hockey I was a welder in pipeline and facility construction in the oilfield. The reason I share this with you is to lead up to the shape these careers left my body in. At 40 years old I could more easily feel the toll those activities had taken on my body. I played hockey in an era in which we simply dealt with the aches and contin- ued to play. I then followed my hockey career with years of welding which was equally hard on my body. When I was introduced to Zija and its products in 2011, I will tell you that it was, in fact, a godsend for me. I went from working through daily aches to feel- ing healthier with energy to spare. The only thing I was doing differently was consum- ing Zija SmartMix. Now almost five years later I take my Zija SuperMix and XM+ daily with the same positive results.

Financially it became a pleasant surprise as well. I shared the information about Zija International and its product because it worked for me. When you help others, this company rewards you. We have reached the Pin Rank of Diamond and have enjoyed the supplemental income injected into our lives from our hard work. If you are out there looking for greater health and a potential extra source of income, Zija is the answer.”