Triple Black Diamond

Dai Cho left the tech world to find joy and relief at Zija — but not before a digging into a mountain of research.


The answer is in the details — and the research

In 2010, Dai Cho set out to fi nd a company he could work for and believe in for the rest of his life. He met with 10 different company executives and conducted his own research to compare more than a dozen nutrition companies before fi nding his answer with Zija.

“I had been working at a large Korean IT company for about 17 years when I realized that, deep inside, I needed to fi nd something else to give me fulfi llment,” Dai says. “In my research to fi nd the company, I saw a model for success in network marketing that I had not thought possible for a suit-and-tie-person like myself.”

Dai says his research showed him that Zija was the best in terms of science, actual results and compensation. He also saw the power in the Zija leadership that inspired him to see the purpose in every interaction with a potential partner. To Dai, Zija is the complete package.

“It gives its users better mornings, improved health, better complexion and better connections,” Dai says. “It has given me a new and exciting focus in my life. The results I see from these products give me the energy, momentum and drive I need to succeed.”

Dai didn’t stop researching after he found the company he’d been searching for — his research just switched gears. He studied tech and business gurus and applied their practices to his own daily work.

“I follow Ken Brailsford in his honesty, humility and integrity, and I learned from Steve Jobs as well,” Dai says. “Steve Jobs built a company that succeeded in an ever-increasing technology world, which showed me that I could do the same in a network marketing industry saturated with products. We can reap success through the success of the products.”