Brandon and Jessica Hayes use their unique strengths to accomplish their collective goals.


Romance and business success kindled through fateful limo ride

Moms know what they’re doing.

Jessica Hayes’ mom — also part of Zija — needed to find a ride for Jessica to a Zija event located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and knew just the spot — in a limousine with Brandon Hayes.

“She knew what she was doing,” Jessica says. “The limo was crowded and Brandon and I ended up in the corner together.”

Brandon and Jessica got married in 2015 and combined business efforts, but each took their own journeys to get to Zija.

For Brandon, college was a journey of gaining knowledge and not a box to check that would enable him to get a particular job. He studied philosophy and purposely stopped a semester short of graduating to build his network marketing business full time — and to make a contrarian point.

“I wanted to become a multi-millionaire without a college degree,” he says.

He developed a detailed list of what he needed in a network marketing company. He found it in Zija.

For Jessica, the road to Zija involved a lot more long days — and nights.

As a teenager, Jessica had dreams of owning her own gym. However, somewhere along the way her entrepreneurial dreams dimmed.

“I was 22 years old, working in retail, and was tired,” she says. “The week of Christmas, I worked 100 hours at my job. I was routinely putting in a lot of hours and began to wonder what the opportunity looked like in 10 years. I knew I didn’t want to be there in 10 years.”

She went to her brother-in-law — whom she had rejected when he talked to her about network marketing the first time — and said, “I want in.”

Now Brandon and Jessica share Zija side by side.