Black Diamond

Years of sports injuries left Barry Daulton seeking better overall health that he only found with Zija.


Former athlete gives network marketing one last shot

Barry Daulton was through with network marketing. He had tried to make a living at it and never had the success his friends had promised — until Zija.

“I kept telling my friend that I didn’t have anything left in me for the industry,” Barry says. “I thought all the nutrition companies were the same, that they all promised to change lives but never yielded results.” But when he saw his friend’s health and energy improve, Barry knew Zija was different. He began taking Zija products and couldn’t ignore the results. Having sustained knee injuries from basketball games in high school and college, he had tried countless methods of reducing the toll on his body but only found relief with Zija.

“It took me 14 days to get comfortable with the products,” Barry says. “I noticed a huge difference in how I felt after that. But I thought I was just having a good stretch that had nothing to do with Zija.”

As a test, Barry stopped taking Zija products for four days. Then the body aches returned, and Barry knew it wasn’t just a string of good days — he knew it was Zija. He has since been living healthier, wealthier and happier than ever.

“You have to fi ll that dash between your birthdate and death date with something meaningful,” Barry says. “I count myself lucky to have found that meaning with Zija. Although he joined for the physical benefi ts, his eyes have since opened to the comprehensive changes it has brought to his life.

“Zija has changed me fi nancially, physically and socially,” Barry says. “I determined not just to ‘do’ Zija, but to do Zija as I go. It allows me to live my life my own way and share the products along the way.”