Double Black Diamond

What Amos Borntreger saw as a life-changing health opportunity for others ended up changing his own life.


Focusing on others gets personal

Amos Borntreger joined Zija with no intention of using the products. He had struggled with his health for most of his life and he wasn’t convinced Zija products would make a difference.

That, plus a previous failed attempt in a network marketing company, resulted in a guarded approach to this new opportunity presented by his mentor, Kevin Mullens. But Amos’s wife, Martha, changed that. “Martha said I should give the products a try, so I agreed to use them for no more than 30 days,” Amos says. “After three weeks I could tell a difference. I couldn’t believe it was real.”

Amos was so convinced he was imagining the results that he considered going back to his previous lifestyle. But after two months he knew the results were real.

“It’s an absolute life-changer,” Amos says. Nothing about his Zija journey has gone as he had expected — and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“A lot of company owners sell products they don’t use, so as a business person it didn’t make a difference to me whether or not Zija products helped me personally,” Amos says. “I thought I was joining a company to help other people, but it ended up helping me.”

Now, Amos gets to share his Zija story with a level of authenticity he couldn’t access before he started using the products.

“I’ve found success because of my belief in the results of the products and integrity of the company,” Amos says. “Now I get to share Zija with a passion and story that’s all my own.”