During the Zija Black Diamond Retreat, attendees and corporate leaders participated in team-building activities at an underprivileged school.

The Zija Miracle Foundation leaves a footprint of service around the world

If you’re reading this, chances are you have access to the items necessary to keep you healthy and happy.

Today you probably had a drink of clean water, something 750 million people in the world lack access to.

Or you might be thinking about what you want to eat for your next meal, something 805 million people worldwide don’t have the luxury to contemplate.

How much loose change do you have in your purse or pocket — $1, $2? Did you know nearly one-half of the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day?

To help facilitate and heighten Zija’s efforts to help those in need throughout the world, the company launched the Zija Miracle Foundation in the fall of 2013.

The name pays tribute to Moringa oleifera — nicknamed Nature’s Miracle Tree — which is a staple ingredient in their flagship Core Moringa products. Since its inception, the Zija Miracle Foundation has changed the lives of countless individuals, specifically those affected by poverty, natural disasters and other unmet needs.

An ongoing area of focus has been helping elderly individuals who have been abandoned by their families, as well as a group of orphans, located near one of Zija’s Moringa farms in Northern India. After accessing the needs of the NK Kindness Home, The Zija Miracle Foundation was able to provide a second floor expansion, giving residents more living space and allowing the home to take in more residents. They were also able to provide them with a number of needed items such as stoves, cooking supplies, and new bedding.

Other opportunities to serve have been presented as natural disasters strike. In 2011, the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami shattered lives and communities in Japan. Over five years later, the country is still working to recover from the aftermath. Members of Zija Nation in Japan have participated in several service projects in the community of Sendai one of the country’s hardest-hit areas.

Volunteers paint a women’s shelter in Mexico.

Attendees of the Zija Gold Challenge Cruise visited a local school and orphanage.

Zija members build a fence in Jamaica, giving the children added security.

Members of Zija Nation in Japan aid in cleaning up a beach after an earthquake.

Just one month after the Zija Miracle Foundation was launched, the Philippine Islands were rocked by Typhoon Haiyan, leaving millions without food, water, and shelter. The Zija Miracle Foundation was able to step in quickly and donate to the relief efforts. Additionally, members of Zija Philippines provided local service.

In the spring of 2015, Zija Gold Challenge Cruise attendees participated in a service project in Jamaica. They visited a local school and orphanage where they repaired the facility, painted the walls, and built a fence to give the children added security.

In February 2016, the Zija Black Diamond Club Retreat attendees and corporate leaders visited an abused-women’s shelter, an underprivileged school and an elderly home near Cancun, Mexico — sponsored by the Zija Miracle Foundation. Volunteers painted the women’s shelter, provided service to children and participated in team-building activities with students

The community of Sendai was one of the areas hardest-hit by the Tohoku earthquake.

The two-story NK Kindness Home provides living space for abandoned elderly individuals and orphans.

After Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Zija Miracle Foundation donated needed supplies.

During the upcoming Zija Diamond Success Trip, attendees will participate in yet another local service project.

The Zija Miracle Foundation is able to give so much and positively affect so many lives thanks to the members of Zija Nation who subscribe to the company’s Life Unlimited Mobile App. That’s because all the profits from the app’s monthly subscriptions go directly to the Zija Miracle Foundation for donations, supplies, and service projects.

Whether you’ve donated money, helped give service in person during one of our projects, written the Zija Miracle Foundation a personal donation check or have found other ways to contribute, you can feel confident that the money is going directly to helping those in need around the world — all through the Zija Miracle Foundation.